"Standard" 2-day Workshop on USAID's Rules and Regs

First, I want to acknowledge that there are some very thorough and authoritative workshops available already. For many years, Bob Lloyd has offered the gold standard of such workshops through InsideNGO. And InsideNGO offers its own version of their rules and regs curriculum at selected international locations.

A New Approach

But I've long wanted to explore other approaches to covering this rather dense topic of USG/USAID rules and regulations governing assistance awards. And in 2012, I had the opportunity to create an alternative approach.

I set three specific goals for this training:

Focus on the Issues

Address the material from the perspective of the day-to-day operational issues confronting NGOs.

Pithy and Relevant Delivery

Keep the delivery pithy and lively, using frequent exercises to make the material more "real" and thereby facilitate learning.

Take-Home Reference Tool

Provide participants with a take-home reference tool that gives them transparent, ready access to the regs. (And make it weigh less than five pounds!).

The Cost

The delivery takes about twelve hours of actual class time, over a two-day period. The fee for the training is $5,000, which includes up to sixteen hours of pre-training dialogue with your management, to fine-tune the presentation, plus the two full days of the workshop. You provide the venue. You also pay me for transit days and reimburse my travel expenses. See my rates page for details.

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