Rates, Engagement and Payment

Please also see my mission statement and the services that I offer.

Hourly Rate

I charge $150 (USD) per hour. Minimum charge is $75 (one-half hour), with the balance of any time spent billed in quarter-hour increments. (See Quick Questions, below.)

If I travel as part of an engagement, you reimburse my travel costs (transportation, lodging, meals & incidentals) plus $300 per transit day (days spent traveling between my home and the agreed place of work). For travel within the US, allow one transit day at each end of an engagement. International travel may require more transit days.

Please review Attachment A of my example engagement letter for details.


There are two basic ways to engage me:

  • Casually, for "Quick Questions" (see below); and
  • Formally, via an engagement letter or other form of contract.

Casual Engagements ("Quick Questions")

Clients often just want a brief answer to a specific question.
For such "quick questions," simply contact me directly, via moc.sgerhtiwpleh|nod#liame or by phone (+1.707.616.5683). If I can answer your question in half an hour or less, I'll do that and send you an invoice for $75. If I know the answer will require more than half an hour, I'll contact you with an estimate before continuing.

Formal Engagements

A more formal engagement is needed when the work will exceed one hour. We can use my engagement letter or your contract template. Total cost estimates are a standard feature of such contracts, but it is also possible, when appropriate, to negotiate a fixed fee for a specific deliverable.

Exploratory discussions of up to an hour, to get a sense of what's possible and to decide if I might be a good "fit" for your organization, are free. Contact me to make an appointment for an initial discussion.


I can accept your check, a transfer to my PayPal account, or a direct transfer to my bank account. We work out those details when we negotiate the terms of the engagement. For responses to quick questions, my invoice will provide you with necessary payment details.

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