45 CFR 75 Study Guide (Free Download)

(See also About 45 CFR 75.)

If you want to study 45 CFR 75 in great detail, or if you have already studied it and want a version that’s easy to navigate, you should try my study guide.

This is NOT the official text of the regulation. To get that, you must download a copy from the GPO’s FDSys website. But what you get there, whether you get the CFR version or the original publication in the Federal Register (FR), is not particularly easy to read or navigate.

To solve this problem for myself, I converted the FR version to plain text, formatted and hyperlinked it in Word, and then converted to PDF format.

I also included the full text of HHS’s commentary on the original publication in the FR.

I find the resulting document both easy to read and easy to navigate. Maybe you will too.

Once again (and as noted in the header of each page of the guide), this is NOT the official version of the regulation. Use this tool to find the reference you need, but use a current, official USG version as the source for any citation you make.

Download the study guide ( 3.7 MB, PDF document)

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