2 CFR 200 Study Guide (Free Download)

NOTE: I you're looking for links to official sources, see here.

If you want to study 2 CFR 200 in great detail, or if you have already studied it and want a version that’s easy to navigate, you should try my study guide. Working from the 19DEC2014 interim final rule, I converted to plain text, formatted and hyperlinked it extensively in Word, and then converted to PDF format. I also included the full text of OMB/COFAR’s commentary on the original publication in the FR and COFAR’s comprehensive FAQ. (Again, for an extensive list of links, follow the link above.)

I find the resulting document both easy to read and easy to navigate. Maybe you will too.


This is NOT the official text of the regulation. To get that, you must download a copy from the GPO’s FDSys website.

Further, this does NOT incorporate more recent amendments, such as those found at 80 FR 43301 et seq., the publication of the final rule modifying 2 CFR 180 and adding bits to 2 CFR 200

This study guide is intended as just that: a guide to studying the background on the Uniform Guidance.

Once again (and as noted in the header of each page of the guide), this is NOT the official version of the regulation. Use this tool to find the reference you need, but use a current, official USG version as the source for any citation you make.

Download the study guide ( 3.39 MB, PDF document)

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BUT… you might also want my handy working copy of 2 CFR 200. This is my daily go-to reference tool. It's updated to incorporate all recent changes (as of the date at the bottom of this page), and it eliminates the extra baggage of the commentary and FAQs. Download the working copy of 2 CFR 200.

And don't forget to Configure Adobe Reader for Easy Navigation.

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