About 2 CFR 183

2 CFR 183 is a new regulation that is effective as of 12 NOV 2020.

This regulation prohibits contracting with the enemy. More specifically, it applies to assistance awards that are expected to exceed $50,000 and that are in support of a contingency operation in which members of the (US) Armed Forces are actively engaged in hostilities.

The full text of the announced changes was published in the Federal Register on 13 AUG 2020. The PDF of all changes is [[https://www.govinfo.gov/content/pkg/FR-2020-08-13/pdf/2020-17468.pdf|here]]. The full text of new 2 CFR 183 appears on pages 49527-49529.

Feel free to consult my transcribed study guide for 2 CFR 183.

When it is published in the CFR, I will post additional information (if any) here.

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