About 2 CFR 170 (FFATA)

2 CFR 170 will change, effective 12 NOV 2020. There are, however, no substantive changes to the regulation. While the changes are mostly housekeeping, they include updated (increased) dollar-value thresholds that reflect the federal micro-purchase threshold (MPT and simplified acquisition threshold (SAT).

My synopsis of these changes is here.

The full text of the announced changes was published in the Federal Register on 13 AUG 2020. The PDF of all changes is here. The specific changes to 2 CFR 170 are on pages 49525-49527.

Feel free to consult my transcribed study guide for revised 2 CFR 170.

When it is published in the CFR, I will post a link here.

2 CFR 170 implements Pub. L. 109-282 (31 USC 6102, the Federal Funding Accountability and Transparency Act of 2006), establishing requirements for recipients’ reporting of information on subawards and executive total compensation.

Note that FFATA requires reporting of two elements of data:

  • each subaward action that obligates $25,000 or more (reported via FSRS—this threshold amount increases in NOV 2020), and
  • total compensation and names of the top five executives of each recipient/subrecipient,

but only when all of the following conditions are met:

  • 80% or more of the prior year annual gross revenue of the recipient/subrecipient is from US federal sources; AND
  • $25 million or more in annual gross revenues are from federal awards; AND
  • executive compensation information is not already published under SEC and IRS requirements.

Enter "FFATA" into any decent search engine for a ton of information on the FSRS and this requirement.

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