About 22 CFR 228

22 CFR 228 (eCFR link) is USAID's regulation governing procurement of commodities and services financed by USAID (including those purchased using USAID award funds).

The regulation is authorized by Sec. 621, Pub. L. 87-195, 75 Stat. 445 (22 U.S.C. 2381), as amended, E.O. 12163, Sept. 29, 1979, 44 FR 56673: 3 CFR 1979 Comp., p. 435.

If you're interested, there's an excellent discussion of this regulation's legal basis in the background commentary to the publication of the current version of the reg, at 77 FR 1396 et seq., published in the Federal Register on 10 JAN 2012.

For a more accessible version of the text of the regulation, see my 22 CFR 228 Study Guide (Free Download).

For my analysis of this regulation's impact on your procurement activities, see this website's page USAID Eligibility Rules, under the Procurement topic.

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