Update on the Proposed "Super Circular"

On 01 FEB 2013, OMB issued a proposed draft of a major revision to all of the above circulars, which would combine them into a single document. That announcement in the Federal Register opened a public comment period, which ended on 02 JUN 2013.

Here are some links to documents and websites that can help you familiarize yourself with these proposed changes.

My "broad-strokes" highlights of the proposed changes

Federal Register announcement

OMB website presenting their analysis and "crosswalks" comparing the current circulars to the proposed revision

Full text of the Proposed OMB Uniform Guidance (aka the "Super Circular")

My "cross-walk" of the proposed super circular to the current circulars, limited to 22 CFR 226 (in lieu of 2 CFR 215/A-110), 2 CFR 230/A-122 and A-133.

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